'Great Warrant Round-Up' begins next Saturday

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Friday, February 21, 2014 - 3:40pm

If you have unpaid fines and a warrant has been issued, you might want to pay up before police come looking for you.

Beginning next Saturday, March 1, law enforcement agencies across the state will be participating in the "Great Warrant Round-Up". Several officers will be used to specifically look for people who haven't paid fines. You can be arrested at your house, job, or wherever officers find you. Violators could face jail time.

"There's more warrants out there through the city than there are you know officers working the streets for traffic stops that are being made everyday. So, this allows us the flexibility of taking those specific officers, tasking them with handling these violators," said Hewitt PD Chief Jim Devlin.

You can pay your fine online, in person, or by mail to the municipal court in the city that your warrant was issued from. The "Great Warrant Round-Up" lasts throughout March.


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