Homeowners speak out against proposed landfill

POSTED: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 4:19pm
UPDATED: Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 3:36pm

BRAZOS COUNTY -- A proposed landfill in Brazos County has some residents outraged by the idea.

So Tuesday night more than 100 homeowners living closest to the site got together to speak out against the project.

Texas A&M veterinary student Rianne Decker and her roommate Katie have lived off FM 60 for two years.

Rianne says she enjoys living in the country but that could all change if Brazos Valley Recycling creates a private landfill near her home.

"If they start building these kinds of things, it's just a disaster," said Decker. "It ruins the atmosphere, it ruins the way we live out here."

BVR has submitted a proposal to the Texas Commission of Environment Quality (TCEQ) for a 42 acre landfill that would take in around 400 to 800 tons of construction and demolition waste each day, worrying those that live closest to the site.

"Not only water pollution but saw pollution and all that has to be properly done and inspected," said John Bounds, a homeowner who lives near the site. "We're also concerned about air pollution."

But Charles Mancuso, owner of Brazos Valley Recycling, says there's a lot of misconception about the landfill.

"Everything that we do out there already, we're going to continue to do," Mancuso said. "The only other step we're going to make is take the product straight into the hole, cover it weekly with fill from TCEQ's specifications."

But homeowner's aren't convinced it'll be good for the environment or their property values.

"I think anytime you have an 111 foot trash dump in close proximity to a home it's going to decrease that value," said Bounds.

Decker adds, "It's not only the esthetic value of the land decreasing, it's the property of the land it's the whole reason we moved out here."

If the landfill is approved it would take around 30 years to reach its maximum capacity.


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