Intoxicated woman arrested after slapping an officer; defecates, throws feces in cell

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 4:04pm

An intoxicated woman was arrested after she allegedly verbally harassed and physically struck officers while they attempted to get her a safe ride home. Once booked into the parish jail, she reportedly defecated in her cell and smeared her feces on the walls, floor and ceiling.

The Thibodaux Police Department reports that the incident occurred on Sunday, March 10 at roughly 9:30 p.m. Officers were called to a grocery store on North Canal Blvd. by a concerned citizen regarding a woman who was passed out in a vehicle.

Once on scene the responding officer located the vehicle and woke the woman. Reports indicate that several small, empty bottles of wine were located in the car and the woman, Kimberly Dufresne, 51, was found with what appeared to be vomit on her clothing.

The officer claims that Dufresne admitted to drinking the wine in the parking lot of the store. She told the officer that she began drinking because she was highly stressed because she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Acting on discretion, the officer advised Dufresne that he would only issue her a warning and would have her husband pick her up to provide a safe ride home.

“After hearing her explanation about why she drank so much alcohol, the officer looked at the facts presented. She did not have the keys in the ignition, nor were they in her hands, so they decided to issue discretion and help her get home safe,” David Melancon, Thibodaux Police Department, explained. “At that point she was not a public threat and the person who called in the complaint was simply concerned for her safety.”

At that point a second officer attempted to contact her husband. However, they were unable to reach him by phone. That officer then went to Dufresne’s home to locate him.

While waiting in the parking lot for the officer to return, Dufresne reportedly became agitated. She opened and slammed her door several times and eventually began yelling profanities at the officer.

“She began yelling ‘you should get out there and deal with the real criminals. I live in Rosedown,’” the police report notes. “She continued saying we should get after the ‘real criminals.’”

At this point the second officer and Dufresne’s husband arrived on scene. According to reports, the verbal profanities continued and her demeanor became increasingly aggressive. She reportedly approached an officer and her husband interjected. The officer instructed him to stop interfering and warned that he would be placed under arrest if he refused to comply.

Eventually the officer placed Dufresne’s husband under arrest. They released him at the scene and allowed him to leave with a citation for Interfering with a Police Investigation, which is a misdemeanor charge. However, while he was place in handcuffs, Kimberly Dufresne reportedly slapped an officer across the face. While she was being placed into custody, she allegedly kicked one of the officers as well.

“She was not placed under arrest until she physically struck the officer,” Melancon noted. “She publically insulted and humiliated police officers who were trying to help her.”

Dufresne was transported to the Lafourche Parish Prison. At some point after she was booked and placed into a holding cell, she defecated on the floor and smeared her feces across the cell.

“The cell was photographed and placed into evidence,” Melancon noted.

Dufresne was charged with Battery on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest by Force or Violence and Disturbing the Peace by Public Intoxication.


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