Isaiah Austin plans to finish degree at Baylor

Monday, June 30, 2014 - 6:35pm

Less than 24-hours after the NBA Draft, Isaiah Austin was back in Texas. This time, he was showing off his coaching skills during an AAU tournament.

"I love it, anytime I'm around basketball I fell like I'm in my element."- Said Austin. 

It's the love for the game that inspires Isaiah to stay connected with basketball. Over the weekend he used that love for being on the court to coach a group of young men with the Mo Williams Academy, the game has been playing almost all his life.

"I was out here having fun tonight, it was a great game. Even though we took a loss it was still a great game, it went into overtime."

Even with all the fun, Austin says he hasn't had time to process the past couple weeks. In light of everything, one thing he does know is completing his degree a Baylor is at the top of list list.

"Go back and get my degree though, that's one of my main priorities. Everything that I have been doing so far with the community and doing all these interviews, I just hope that I can inspire people.

It's through his story of perseverance that Austin has captivated the hearts of millions, including one little boy who he met after the draft.

"He had a cane and he asked to just shake my hand. He just asked if that's all he could do and I said yes of course.He told me that was the greatest moment of his life and, that moment right there, just changed me forever."

Isaiah hopes to give back and to the community and continue to be a spokesman for Marfans Syndrome. 


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