Jet Fuel spill in San Antonio River, two spills in five week period

Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 9:59am

Emergency crews in Texas work to clean-up a jet fuel spill from a local refinery that leaked into the San Antonio river.

Reports say this isn't the first time this has happened at the plant. The fire department and it's hazmat crews arrived to find almost 11-hundred gallons of oil had spilled here at Calumet.

According to fire officials it happened Friday night while Calumet employees were filling a rail car.

The refinery didn't initially report the spill, thinking they had contained it. Under a 100 gallons or so is what we're hearing actually got out of the property and some if it did, unfortunately, get into the San Antonio river. Hazmat crews quickly jumped into action, trying to keep the oil from spreading.

There's concerns not only about flammability but just anytime you are dealing with the environment and oil and environment concerns that's why its so important to mitigate it as soon a possible to isolate it keep it contained.

The San Antonio River authority worries there's a dangerous trend of safety violations at Calumet. The last one was on March 4 when they had a similar spill and few years ago there was a couple of fires.

Now there's been two spills within a five week period, so there are concerns about how well calumet is performing as their safety is concerned.

Part of the river will remain closed until at least Monday as crews work to clean-up the spill. The texas commission on environmental quality will decide whether to fine the company or not.


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