Kyle Orton Still Absent From Mini-Camp

Friday, June 20, 2014 - 9:45am

VALLEY RANCH (KDAF) -- To say AT&T Stadium is a big venue, would be an understatement. Someone could get lost in there, and on the last day of Cowboys mini-camp, you would've had trouble finding someone.
The team's backup quarterback, Kyle Orton, was still missing in action on Thursday, even as the mandatory camp wrapped up.
Not many have seen Orton around since his fourth quarter interception knocked the Cowboys out of the playoffs. Turns out, Orton's 'no show' set him back $70,000.

"We have to do what we need to do as an organization in penalizing him the necessary amounts for fines and those kinds of things," Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garret said.
"But, we also just want to understand and communicate and figure out how this situation is going to play out."

Garrett is still confident that Orton will be at the Cowboys Training Camp in Oxnard when it opens next month.

"We anticipate him being at training camp and communication is a big part of that situation, trying to understand why he wasn`t here."

There are three million reasons for Orton to be here: that's how much money he's due to make this season.

Well, there's one silver lining to this playbook. Brandon Weeden is getting a chance to prove he's good enough to be the back-up, after a not-so-good back story from his time in Cleveland.

"There`s no question he made great strides," Garrett said when talking about Weeden,

"His command, his ability to take charge, improved dramatically over the course of the OTA's and the mini-camp and that's a big part of playing quarterback."

Eventually the drama around the back-ups will go away. But, you gotta think Tony Romo has enjoyed not being the most analyzed QB in Dallas, even if for just a little while.?


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