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Local anglers report good fishing at Lake Waco

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 2:59pm

WACO -- "Fishing has been real good."

That according to longtime fisherman George Green.

He has been casting lines in Lake Waco for nearly 70 years and says his most common catch is crappie and catfish.

"Minnows and little white jigs and all on crappie and the catfish we use a stink bait. It's made out of cheese and odds and ins and it's got a pretty good smell to it," said Green.

Green is thankful the city rose lake levels by seven feet but says sometimes the late summer months can be a real challenge.

The hotter it gets, the fish will move to cooler, deeper parts of the lake. So for a veteran fisherman, you learn a few tricks of the trade over the years.

"Take a PVC (pipe) and put them together and sink them down into the water. Well that gives the smaller fish somewhere to hide so here comes the big fish looking for them and that's what you're after, you're after the big fish," said Green.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife web site, the best places to look for spawning crappie are main lake coves that provide protection from the north wind.

For hybrids, anglers should target underwater roads, points, and similar structure. For catfish, anglers have their best success with live shad, sunfish, or fresh cut bait.


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