Local charter school announces new campus coming this Fall

POSTED: Monday, April 23, 2012 - 3:41pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 1:24pm

WACO -- Turning students away is never easy.

"We just have more applications than the number of spots we can fill," said Dr. Matthew Polk, co-Superintendent.

But when you have 40 applicants vying for one spot, saying no is inevitable.

"So that's the reason we're opening a second campus," said Dr. Polk.

The new Rapoport Academy Elementary School will move into the old Hillcrest Adult Day Care Center.

"We'll start with grades kindergarten, first, and second in that facility," said Dr. Polk.

And it'll be open by August.

The academy's long-term plan is to add on to the school expanding from Pre-K all the way to fourth grade.

"Our mission is to provide a choice for students and we feel like now we will be able to start meeting the demand that we haven't been able to make before," said Dr. Alexis Neumann, co-Superintendent.

The application process is different from a first come first serve waiting list.

Students waiting for an enrollment position will be put into a waiting pool.

From there students are chosen through a random lottery draw for each grade level.

"We're looking for a good mix of students from different areas of town, from different backgrounds who really can build the type of community that we think is important for our school's," said Dr. Polk.

"There will be 34 positions, 34 enrollment spots per grade that opened up for the kindergarten, first and second grade as well," said Dr. Neumann.

To find out more about the Rapoport Academy application process, go to www.rapoportacademy.org




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