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Bryan - College Station

Bryan man arrested for dragging a dog down the highway

A Bryan man was arrested after he said he didn’t know that a dog was tied to his truck as he drove down the highway. Wualter Samano who has sense been released from custody is facing animal cruelty charges.

BTU educates the community of electrical hazards

Electric accidents account for about 1,000 deaths per year. Bryan Texas Utilities Powertown program is educating children and adults about power line safety.

Man arrested for punching 10-year-old girl and choking dog

A College Station man is behind bars after police say he hit a 10 year old girl in the face.

College Station smoke testing sewer system

College Station will be testing the sewer system for the next 3 weeks. The city started pumping smoke into sections of the sewer system north of University Drive and west of Texas Avenue today.

Brazos Valley Children’s Museum saying good-bye to current location

The Bryan municipal building has been through a lot of changes over the years going from a fire station to its current residents the Brazos Valley Children’s Museum, but the building is in for some new changes.

Bryan woman arrested after she tries to swollow meth

A Bryan woman was arrested after she tried to swallow a bag of meth.

College Station shuts down oil recycling center after over 2 decades

After over two decades, College Station has closed its recycling center for used motor oil and filters. The station has collected over 45,000 gallons of used motor oil since it was established.

College Station Police investigating recent car burglaries

College Station Police are investigating a recent string of car burglaries. Nineteen vehicles have been burglarized and two vehicles have been stolen. Officers believe all of the incidents are connected.

McDonald's found liable for Blinn Student deaths

A Brazos County jury has found McDonald's liable for the 2012 deaths of two Blinn College students. The company has been ordered to pay $27 million in damages.

Houston man sentenced for Bryan bank robbery

A Brazos County jury sentenced a Houston man for a 2013 bank robbery in Bryan.