Local News

Brenham police investigating death of Blinn student

Brenham police are investigating the death of a Blinn College student who was found dead last week. Trey Kurtz was found at the intersection of Seelhorst Street and Dark Street in Brenham.

Local food pantry set to expand

The city of Robinson has approved a request from Shepherd's Heart food pantry in Robinson to expand their operations within the city's old volunteer fire department building.

Mug & Massage: Cowboy Joseph Randle Rambles in Texas Jail

Frisco, TX (KDAF) -- Just when you think Joseph Randle couldn't embarrass himself more, well, he does – and this time it's caught on camera.

Scary weather! Actual weather phobias

Halloween is suppose to be fun “Scary” with the ghost stories and many people dressed up as zombies, vampires, were wolves and other frightening creatures.

No Shave November raising money for prostate cancer awareness

 November starts tomorrow and with that comes the long beards and curly whiskers of "No Shave November"

West ISD breaks ground on new High School

 It has been a long year of rebuilding for the City of West as many homes and buildings were destroyed in the fertilizer plant explosion. One of those buildings, West High School.

Why not keep Daylight Saving or Standard Time all year?

This Saturday night we set our clocks back one hour before we go to sleep so we can an extra hour of rest. We call this “Standard Time”.Daylight saving time in the U.S..

Graf moved from prision to halfway house in El Paso

The 62-year-old man who confessed to torching his two stepsons has been moved from state prison to a halfway house in El Paso. 

Grimes County Sheriff’s Office investigating murder suicide in Iola

The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office is investigating what they believe to be a murder suicide in Iola. The bodies of Dan and Noemi Chandler were found on Monday night.

Cameron police searching for wanted man

 Cameron Police are searching for a man who is accused of holding a pocket knife to a woman's throat during a domestic dispute.