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Standoff in Temple ends peacefully

TEMPLE -- A standoff Tuesday night in Temple ended peacefully. It happened in the 700 block of Turley Dr. just after 6 pm. Police say a man was threatening to harm himself.

Human trafficking legislation hits home in Central Texas

WACO -- If you think human trafficking is just a problem overseas, think again. There are hundreds of cases being investigated right here in Texas. Even in Central Texas.

Authorities seek Hill County's most wanted sex offender

Authorities are still looking for Hill County's most wanted sex offender.

Reagan community members suspect local grave robber

Community members of Reagan, a town near Marlin, believe someone has been robbing and bulldozing veteran's graves.

Police suspect arson in Church fire

Fish Creek Baptist Church, a century old church in Reagan, burned to the ground Sunday night. Several local fire stations responded to the scene, but say it was a total loss by the time they arrived.

Service-disabled veterans could get business breaks

AUSTIN, TX -- A proposed law could give service-disabled veterans' companies HUB status. HUB stands for Historically Underutilized Businesses. That means they would receive more grants from the state.

Waco group speaks out against Fat Ho Burgers

WACO -- Fat Ho Burger's owner, Lakita Evans, told us before it opened the name is supposed to bring a smile. "You can come here, laugh at the menu and stuff to try to take their mind off of stuff," said Evans.

Reckless driving arrest results in drug charges

Killeen police arrested a man for driving recklessly on Saturday. They say now he faces drug charges as well. Michael Woods was pulled over, near 8th Street and Rancier, for driving recklessly on his motorcycle.

House delays vote for voter ID bill

Austin, TX -- The Texas House was supposed to vote on the Voter ID bill Monday, but a point of order was called on the bill due to wording.

A look inside Limestone County's new jail

LIMESTONE COUNTY -- After 12 years as Sheriff, Dennis Wilson says a new jail was needed now more than ever.