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Killeen ISD investigates personal information papers found in a field

Killeen ISD is investigating an odd situation, where piles of student papers with personal information like social security numbers were found in a field.

Day care fire suspect jailed in Atlanta

A woman who fled to Nigeria after a fire at the Houston day care center she operated killed four children has been returned to the United States and jailed in Atlanta, authorities said today.

Kickback of gas prices fall on consumers

WACO -- We all feel anxious lately when pulling up to the gas pump. But what if the meter seemed to never stop ticking?

Surprising name for a burger joint in Waco

WACO --  If you're driving down S 11th St. in Waco,  you might notice a surprising new restaurant name. Fat Ho Burgers is one of the first of it's kind coming to the south Waco area.

Man arrested for sexual abuse of a child

WACO -- A Waco man is now in jail accused of sexually abusing a child for years. 42-year-old Jose Martinez was arrested after his victim spoke out to adults at her school about the abuse.

Update: Killeen police identify body found in field

Killeen Police have identified the body as 22-year-old Marcus Antonio Gonsalves, of Copperas Cover.

Waco ramp closed Saturday morning

Baylor University Student Foundation's Bearathon race will hit the ground running Saturday morning, March 19.

Alleged sexual predator arrested for years of abuse

A Waco man is arrested by local law enforcement after a female child reported sexual assaults to school officials.

Police release picture of man who robbed gas station

COLLEGE STATION -- Police have released a picture of a man on the run for robbery. Police say the man held up the Max Shell Food Mart in College Station earlier this week.

Families make ends meet by selling children's clothes

WACO -- Kids don't stop growing in a bad economy.