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New details in Killeen standoff

KILLEEN -- New details on Monday's SWAT team standoff in Killeen. Police tell us the 24-year-old man was Ernest Bess.

Two men arrested for sexually assaulting minors

Two Waco men were arrested during the weekend, for two separate sexual assault cases.

Gatesville man sexually assaults mentally disabled girl

A Gatesville man is in state prison for sexually assaulting a mentally disabled 16-year-old.

Elderly woman robbed at Waco convenience store

An elderly woman was robbed yesterday, after getting change from a convenience store clerk.

Four stores temporarily closed for illegal gambling

MILAM COUNTY -- Four businesses are accused of illegal gambling in Cameron and Rockdale. Investigators served warrants and temporarily closed the stores to collect evidence.

Body found in Lake Belton, could be missing man

TEMPLE -- Investigators in Temple have found a body in Lake Belton. Leaving many hoping it will end the search for a Temple man who went missing a few weeks ago.

Central Texas at risk for more wildfires

In just one week, Texas Forest Service responded to 63 wildfires, 21 of which happened on Sunday and burned over 120 acres of land.

Violent crime up in Killeen

KILLEEN -- Violent crimes in Killeen are up since last year. Police say crime went up nearly two percent in 2010. That breaks down to 242 more violent crimes in Killeen, making the final total nearly 776.

SWAT team standoff in Killeen

KILLEEN - Police were in a standoff for several hours Monday evening at a Killeen Apartment complex near Herford and Elms Street.

Another high speed chase over the weekend

A man from Morgan's Point led Temple police on a chase on Saturday, Police say 18 year old Derrick Claypool, was driving a stolen car from Belton, and involved in multiple gas thefts.