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Texas A&M student diagnosed with Meningitis

A Texas A&M student was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis Tuesday afternoon. As of today, Nicholas Williams has been listed as critical condition.

Benefits for victims of Fort Hood shooting

FORT HOOD -- The U.S. Senate could soon pass a bill that could be some compensation for victims of the Fort Hood shooting.

Gruesome details in HIll County murder

HILL COUNTY -- Gruesome details in the murder of 24-year-old Christopher Neal Beckham of Milford.

3 men arrested after frozen body found Thursday morning near Hillsboro

HILL COUNTY - The Hills County Sheriff Department has arrested 3 men in connection with a frozen body found on County Road 3425 Thursday morning. The body found is identified as 24-year-old Christopher Neal Beckham of Milford.

"Glee" star's magazine cover removed from Brookshire's Grocery shelves

EAST TEXAS-- Brookshire's Grocery store owners yanked magazines off their shelves after a popular teen icon appeared on a cover in what some parents say an inappropriate outfit.

Three armed robberies in less than two hours

WACO -- Three separate armed robberies in less than two hours last night near Baylor's campus. Waco police are still looking for the suspects.

More safe ride programs could save lives

Just last year, there were 344 car accidents in McLennan County that involved alcohol, and 15 people from the area were killed as a result of these accidents.

Icy roads blanket Central Texas highways

WACO -- Traffic all over Central Texas was slowed today when ice took over the roads. Wednesday morning, drivers were moving slow, but there were still a lot of wrecks out there due to the hazardous sheet of ice that blanketed the roads.

Extreme temperatures could be dangerous for pets

WACO -- It's important to remember the little guys because freezing temperatures can be life-threatening for pets left outdoors. Officials are warning anyone with animals to bring them inside.

Conserving energy could prevent rotating power outages

Last weeks "brown outs" were caused from an over use of power, during specific hours of the day.