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Icy roads blanket Central Texas highways

WACO -- Traffic all over Central Texas was slowed today when ice took over the roads. Wednesday morning, drivers were moving slow, but there were still a lot of wrecks out there due to the hazardous sheet of ice that blanketed the roads.

Extreme temperatures could be dangerous for pets

WACO -- It's important to remember the little guys because freezing temperatures can be life-threatening for pets left outdoors. Officials are warning anyone with animals to bring them inside.

Conserving energy could prevent rotating power outages

Last weeks "brown outs" were caused from an over use of power, during specific hours of the day.

Towing companies thrive during severe winter weather

Icy roads mean more car crashes, and more cars being towed.

Closures and delays

Continuing drizzle is freezing upon contact with the ground, causing overpasses and even the non-elevated portions of roadway to freeze into ice. Numerous crashes are occurring as a result.

Fire kills one near Mart

MART -- Firefighters spent the morning battling a blaze near Mart that destroyed a home and left at least one man dead. It happened West of Mart just off State Highway 164.

Limestone County water company prepares for more freezing temperatures

LIMESTONE COUNTY -- More freezing temperatures and severe weather Wednesday means more work for a water company whose pipes froze last week, leaving hundreds without water for days and a boil alert that is still in effect.

Man flees on foot after high-speed chase through several Central Texas counties

TROY -- Police are still looking for a man who led them on a high speed chase Monday.

YMCA President speaks out about what police call a riot

WACO -- Waco YMCA President, Patrick Murphy, is speaking out about what police are calling a riot that happened in the parking lot on Harvey Dr.

Police still searching for Temple man

BELL COUNTY -- Police are still searching for a Temple man who went missing in Bell County last week. We now have a picture of him,  and police say some of the details aren't adding up.