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Residents speak out about local Riot

WACO -- A riot in Waco Saturday night left police no choice but to use tear gas to disperse the crowd. It happened around 11 pm when a peaceful neighborhood turned into a prime location for a violent riot.

Riot breaks out at Waco YMCA

WACO -- A riot Saturday night had people throwing rocks and bottles at police in a peaceful neighborhood at local family recreation facility. Officers were called just after 11:00 to the YMCA located at 6800 Harvey Dr.

Waco airport reopens after ice blast

The Waco Regional Airport is back open again as of 2:50PM although all commercial flights for Saturday remain cancelled.

UPDATE: Roads beginning to thaw out in Temple

***UPDATE*** 2:45 p.m.: As of 2:00 pm, most of the below roadways have become passable, due to sunshine melting the ice. This is expected to be a TEMPORARY situation, with remaining moisture re-freezing when the sun sets.

Snow storm brings hazardous road conditions to Central Texas

WACO -- From the first peek out the window to pulling out of the driveway, Friday was all about the snow in Central Texas, and the roads looked more like an ice skating rink.

Freezing temperatures leave hundreds without water in Limestone County

LIMESTONE COUNTY -- The weather has hundreds of homes in Limestone County left without water. SLC Water Supply has frozen pipes, and they don't know when it will be fixed.

Monitoring children on the Internet

In a society filled with new technology, children have easy access to the internet on computers and on cell phones.Some sites are not child appropriate and could put a child in danger or just get them into trouble.

Kids having a fun and safe snow day

Schools in the area have been closed on and off all week long. However, today is the first actual snow day that the kids get to enjoy being outside and playing with friends and family.

Texas cancels contract with emergency alert system for visually and hearing impaired

WACO -- When it comes to emergency alerts for weather, information on blackouts or even where to seek shelter to get warm if your power is out, how do people who are deaf get this information?

Warming center in Waco for people without power

WACO -- The city of Waco says they're prepared for the cold weather. They're providing warmth for people who have power outages and aren't getting heat.