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Waco Hotels booking for Super Bowl weekend

Hotel rooms for the big game this weekend are going so fast in Fort Worth and Dallas, that some people have even started booking rooms in Waco.

UPDATE: Animals removed from property in Coryell County

CORYELL COUNTY -- Investigators have released the scene at the Moore's property in Coryell County where hundreds of animals were found in terrible conditions.

Severe weather could cause hazardous driving conditions

The last few days, temperatures have been below freezing, but with little to no rain, driving conditions have not been an issue. However, officials say to prepare for sleet and snow tonight.

Local troops send shout outs for the Super Bowl

AFGHANISTAN -- Our troops overseas are getting ready for the Superbowl this week. Some soldiers from Harker Heights and Belton have sent messages to the states showing they're getting pumped for the Super Bowl.

UPDATE: Officials still clearning out animals in Coryell County

CORYELL COUNTY -- Officials are still gathering all those animals after the raid in Coryell County. Police found hundreds of animals on Racine and Curtis Moore's property.

Robber bites officer in College Station

COLLEGE STATION -- A Loss Prevention Officer was bitten during a robbery in College Station Tuesday night. Police say it on Brothers Blvd. when 22-year-old Andre Bisor was robbing a Wal Mart.

Poll shows Texans want smoke-free workplace

WACO -- Smoke-Free Texas says a new opinion poll shows widespread support for smoke-free workplaces across the state.

ERCOT ends rolling blackouts, local business' affected

ERCOT has ended the scheduled blackouts for now, but local business' have already been affected.

UPDATE: ERCOT ends rolling blackouts

ERCOT is urging all consumers who can reduce their energy consumption to do so at this time.

Statewide roatating, controlled power outages

CENTRAL TEXAS -- Extreme weather has caused the Electric Reliability Council of Texas to conduct statewide rotating power outages.