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Killeen police catch burglars in the act

Killeen police arrested three people, after they were caught burglarizing an apartment Friday night.

Local man arrested in connection with 17 robberies

McLennan County deputies have arrested a man involved in a string of local robberies. Deputies say Keith White broke into 17 or more rural homes and buildings, stealing a total value of more than 50,000 dollars.

Super Bowl ticket scams could cost consumers thousands of dollars

Some sports fans are trying any way to find the best deals for Super Bowl tickets. Unfortunately, what seems like the best deal, could be a costly scam.

Emergency ban on bath salts, used as drug

WACO -- They might not look like your ordinary bath salts, but that's what it says on the label. Problem is, people aren't using them as bath salts.. They're using them to get high.

Man caught on tape stealing $2,000 worth of equipment at construction site

WACO -- A man was caught on tape Sunday night, casually stealing tons of equipment from one local business. Tom Panter owns the home theater and surveillance company that was burglarized.

Project Homeless Connect reaches out to help needy

WACO -- The average yearly cost for one homeless person is more than $40,000 of taxpayer's money. That's according to the Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition.

Voter ID bill passes Texas Senate

AUSTIN, Texas -- Expect new laws at polling locations this election. That's if the Texas House of Representatives passes a bill that aims to cut down on voter fraud by requiring voters to show a photo ID.

Senate panel delays hearing on Fort Hood shooting

FORT HOOD -- No answers Thursday as the Senate panel hearing is delayed.

Flores on opposite side of the aisle after President Obama's speech

WASHINGTON -- Democrats and Republicans may have sat together last night at the President's address, but Central Texas Congressman Bill Flores says he is on the opposite side of the aisle when it comes to many of Obama's ideas.

New study says look for a job now, instead of later

A new study shows that even in hard times, employers say good talent does not last long, so job-seekers should not waste time getting back into the job market.