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Drivers feel the pressure as gas prices surge in Central Texas

WACO --  Drivers are digging in their wallets this Winter, this time it's for gas. As you can expect, a lot of people are concerned over the increasingly higher gas prices at the pump.

Public Health District offers free Flu vaccines

Once again, the number of confirmed Flu cases, in McLennan County, continued to rise last week. Those numbers were expected to decrease, since school nurses would be handling some of the students cases, however, numbers are still rising.

Man breaks store window, steals clerks purse and money

Late last night, a man robbed a Skinny's convenient store in Waco, on Robinson Drive.

DWI arrests increase over New Year's Eve

MCLENNAN CO. -- McLennan County had their share of DWIs this New Year's weekend. Some of the cases even surprised police.

Morgan's Point Resort City Manager accused to inappropriate touching

MORGAN'S POINT RESORT -- Morgan's Point Resort City Manager, Stacy Hitchman, is accused of inappropriately touching a police officers wife.

New jail visitation center seems impersonal to some visitors

The new McLennan County Jail visitation center, has 40 video visitation stations, that allow people to visit with their fiends and family that are behind bars.

Top 10 most wanted could be a threat to the community

The intelligence division of the Bryan Police Department has constructed a top 10 most wanted list for the beginning of the year.

Man arrested for attempt to distribute meth

MILAM -- A Milam County man is now behind bars in Waco for attempting to deliver over 500 grams of meth. Waco U.S. Marshalls arrested 26-year-old Stephen Gardiner in Milam.

Texas takes legal action against EPA

TEXAS -- A stand-off between Texas and the Environment Protection Agency has grown even bigger. Texas has now filed legal action challenging the Federal Government for putting regulations on air quality control.

Runner safety guide for New Year's Resolution runners

WACO -- Every New Year, a lot of people make a resolution to get in better shape. If running is your favorite exercise, we have some very important tips to remember before you throw on those sneakers.