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Post Offices busy with customers sending gifts

WACO -- Today was a busy day for postal workers. People lined the post office to get their packages mailed out in time for the holidays, making today their busiest day of the year.

Unemployment rate increases despite more hiring

WACO -- An increase in the unemployment rate still keeps some job seekers without hope despite an increase in hiring.

Waco man in hospital after brutal attck

A Waco man is showed up at Providence Hospital, Sunday morning, after being shot and stabbed several times at his home. Police say, Steven Chapman, was shot in the head, legs and feet, in the 3200 block of Proctor Avenue.

Police need your help finding Waco robber

Waco police need the public's help in identifying a robber in the November 24 robbery of Dan's Appliance in the 3700 block of Bosque.

Senate denies DREAM Act: Local college students affected

The proposed DREAM Act was put on delay, as the act failed to make it past the Senate, on Saturday. While some people believe the DREAM Act would promote illegal immigration, others say it is some students' only hope.

University High School group answers younger students' Christmas wishes

WACO -- University High School students in Waco answered younger children's wishes this Christmas.

Rockdale High School coach arrested for improper relationship with student

ROCKDALE -- A Rockdale High School coach arrested for having sex with an 18 year old student is now out of jail. Police say 31-year-old Chris Taylor bonded out of Milam Jail Friday.

Killeen police officer terminated for criminal activity

KILLEEN -- A police officer in Killeen is on indefinite suspension after the department discovered he may have been a part of criminal conduct.

Florida school board meeting hostage situation hits home in Waco

WACO -- A shooting this week in Florida left one man dead after taking school board members hostage at a meeting. It's something that hit home for school districts in Waco.

Marines collect toys for needy children

The United States Marine Corps is collecting donations and toys from the community for their annual "Toys for Tots" program.