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Killeen police arrest suspect in Bruceville shooting

KILLEEN -- The investigation continues into the shooting and carjacking Monday in Bruceville. 44-year-old Jose Garcia was arrested in Killeen Tuesday evening.

Military families receive donated holiday meals

The second annual "Holiday Meals for Military Families", took place today near the Fort Hood Military Base. Beam Global Spirits and Wine donated 450 meals to military families through the charity.

"Coats for Kids" donations during the holiday season

Power 108 Radio station is collecting coats for kids during this holiday season. While some families can not afford to buy coats for their children, now they can receive free coats at Mission Waco and Caritas.

Baylor University's School of Social Work moves downtown

Baylor University's School of Social Work is moving this week to a new home in downtown Waco. They are moving from a parking garage on Baylor's campus, to the former Wells Fargo Bank on Washington Avenue.

A deeper look into the new children's hospital

TEMPLE -- A local business owner giving the ultimate gift this holiday season: $25,000 toward building the $50 million children's hospital in Temple.

Study shows children in apartments exposed to more tobacco

TEMPLE -- Chldren living in apartments have more tobacco in their blood than those in houses, even if their parents don't smoke, according to the Rochester Medical Center.

Police search for man who fled from Bruceville

KILLEEN -- The search continues for a man who opened fire on a Sheriff's Deputy and gunned down a 67-year old man in Bruceville. Both victims were taken to a local hospital.

Man escapes Temple police a second time

A criminal is on the run, after assaulting an officer and breaking out of a Temple police car.

"Shave off" fundraiser for fireman battling cancer

Earlier this Fall, a Killeen Fireman, Lt. Tim Rabroker, told his team he had testicular cancer, requiring surgery and chemotherapy. When the station heard the news, they wanted to help as much as possible by starting a fundraiser.

New details in fire that left woman and firefighter in hospital

WACO -- Firefighters now know how a fire started sent a woman and firefighter to the hospital. This less than 24 hours after a woman narrowly escaped her burning home.