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Fire officials investigate three fires Sunday

WACO -- Fire officials are investigating three fires that happen Sunday. Victims are shaken when returning home to look at what's left of their belongings. It's all after three separate fires broke out in Waco.

New bills related to cell phone use will driving

Texting while driving has become a cause of destruction on the roadways. More than 16.000 people died in car accidents related to texting while driving from 2001-2007.

Catholic Bishop may have crossed boundaries

A priest from a Catholic church in Waco, left the church informing Parishioners that he was taking a sabbatical. Now, members of the congregation are concerned about what could be an "inappropriate situation".

Local bar fight injuries two policemen

A bar fight took place Saturday, at El Rancho Bar. Multiple police agencies were called to the scene when gun shots were fired into the air by someone in the crowd.

Homeless man indicted on capital murder charges and injury to a child

A homeless man was indicted yesterday, for the murder of a college station woman, Jennifer Hailey, and injury to a child, for stabbing her nine year old son.

Update: Austin school bomb threat could be linked to juvenile in Saudi Arabia

An Internet linked bomb threat led to the evacuation of two Round Rock schools on Tuesday.

Growing populations means higher transportation costs

According to the Government and Public Affairs, the transportation needs in a growing area, exceed the current available funds.

Obama nominates Texas A&M professor to serve on advisory commission

COLLEGE STATION -- President Obama will be nominating a Texas A&M professor to serve on the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Policy.

Police look for armed robber suspect

WACO -- Police are looking for a man who robbed the Schmaltz Sandwich Shop this morning. The man walked into the store and showed a pistol to the clerk. After taking an undisclosed amount of cash  the man left the scene.

WPAC looks to open Hippodrome next Spring

WACO -- Plans are underway to reopen the Hippodrom Theater. This comes after debt caused the theater to close in Feb.