Local News

911 calls and toddlers using old cell phones

The emergency phone lines for police departments are being tied up, by toddlers who are using their parents old cell phones as toys.

Oil prices at a new high and gas prices rising

Oil prices are at an all time high for the year, and gasoline prices are continuing to rise.

Fort Hood Police investigate attempted child abduction

FORT HOOD -- The investigation of a possible child abduction continues as Fort Hood Police look for two men they say attempted to abduct a boy on Nov. 3. It happened at the Comanche III  housing area.

Texas refuses to accept EPA greenhouse gas emission standards

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas has refused to meet new federal guidelines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency is issuing guidelines that will reduce emissions from industrial sources to improve air quality.

Cities come together to honor veterans

WACO -- Veterans, military personnel and other organizations came together Thursday to honor the veterans and their service. People of all ages gathered in Waco while more than 130 units paraded downtown.

Predicted statewide budget short fall for education

Due to a statewide decrease in property values, and an increase in student numbers, an 8.2 billion dollar budget shortfall for education, could be in store for next school year.

Two Waco robbery suspects behind bars

Police say two robbery suspects were caught in Waco, after committing two robberies on the street.

Citizen helps stop vehicle robbery

On Wednesday at approximately 9:55 p.m.,  a citizen called Waco Police about a vehicle burglary in progress at 1519 Washington. The caller stated a black male dressed in a black jacket, dark jeans and a black hat was inside a vehicle.

Police searching for convenience store robber

At around 9:15 p.m. Wednesday,  a slim black male approximately 5’ 6”, wearing a white tee shirt, dark shorts and black tennis shoes entered the Food Mart convenience store at 1600 south 17th armed with a handgun and deman

3 teens arrested in connection with robberies

On Thursday at around 3:00 a.m., a citizen called police to report that he had been robbed by three black males in a small green car near 25th and Cole in Waco.