Local News

Highway Patrol troopers to ride school buses

As part of National School Bus Safety Week (Oct. 18-22), Highway Patrol troopers in many areas of Texas will ride school buses looking for motorists illegally passing school buses.

Waco Crime Stoppers wins mutiple awards

The Waco Crime Stoppers program was a big winner at this year’s Annual Texas Crime Stopper Conference.

Appeal letter sent to appeal disaster relief denial

The request for help in Texas to repair the damage Tropical Storm Hermine left behind was denied by FEMA. Governor Perry, along with Congressmen Carter and Edwards, sent a letter to the administration to appeal the denial.

Multiple cities and states ban synthetic marijuana "K2"

The drug K2 is being banned all over the nation. Nearly 20 states have banned the drug,but this synthetic marijuana can still be sold in some states, including Texas.

Concussions on the football field are on the rise

Waco-- There is a continuous rise in head injuries, specifically concussions, occurring on the football field.

Study shows renting may be a better deal than buying a home

A study by Trulia, a site for home buyers, compares renting versus buying a home in 50 top cities. 7 of those cities were in Texas.

Fort Hood hearing for Maj. Hasan delayed

The Fort Hood shooting suspect's hearing has been delayed one more day. Victims were suppose to tell there story in front of Maj. Nidal Hasan, today. Defense attorney Maj.

First time national funding for a national campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancies

Waco--There is a National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy that is nationally funded for schools, and health districts for the first time.

Experts look to private sector to create jobs

The U.S. unemployment rate remained steady at 9.6 percent in September and 8.3 percent here in Texas. While nearly 160,000 government jobs were lost, more focus turns to the private sector for job creation.