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New welding technology introduced at Texas State Technical College

Business professionals traveled from around the United States to Texas State Technical College to introduce new technology for welding, which is taught in high schools and colleges around the nation.

Election update

MCLENNAN CO -- A Washing D.C. newspaper poll released Wednesday shows Edwards trailing Flores 12 points. The poll shows 50 percent of likely voters supporting Flores and 42 percent supporting Edwards.

Waco FD needs your help

The Waco Fire Department has the opportunity to win $10,000 by getting 2,000 people to take a fire safety quiz online by this Sunday, Oct. 31st.

Fire officials warn of dangerous conditions

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Drought-stricken Southeast Texas could see dangerous wildfires on Thursday as a cold front sweeps through the region, bringing with it gusty winds and dry conditions.

Theater in Belton staging a comeback

Belton, TX - The Beltonian Theater at the heart of downtown Belton is, once again, open for business.

Obesity healthcare costs nearly double

A recent study shows that obesity care finances across the nation have doubled since the last report. The study reveals that this specific type of medical care could cost around 170 billion dollars a year.

Democrats call for election officials to investigate a poll watcher training session

MCLENNAN CO. -- The Democratic Party in McLennan County is calling for the disqualification of a group of Tea Party poll watchers who attended a training session Tuesday.

Police nab man on most wanted list

One of Waco’s most wanted arrested in Austin.

Children hear anti-drug message in the start of Red Ribbon Week

MCLENNAN COUNTY-- Red Ribbon Week kicks off Tuesday, and that means police officers are showing up at schools around McLennan County to spread the anti-drug message to children.

Downtown Waco gets new recycling bins, saves space in landfill

WACO-- If you happen to notice something different downtown Waco, it's the city's effort to clean up that might save the city landfill usage for generations.