Local News

Fort Hood suicide numbers on the rise

Fort Hood has confirmed 14 suicide cases, and six more are under investigation. Fort Hood officials held a press conference today to address the rising suicide numbers.

Baylor students react to UT shooting

The shooting at the University of Texas hit home for Baylor students. Baylor students tell us the shooting at UT hits close to home.

Blind rehab center at Waco Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The veterans hospital in Waco is building a new blind rehabilitation center. The center will be complete in two years.

President Obama: School years should be longer

President Obama says longer school years would make sense, but he recognizes the money to make that happen isn't always going to be there. One local school district says it's a good theory, but funding could be an issue.

Whitney High School student brings a gun to school

Waco-- A 15 year old student from Whitney High School brought a gun to school last Tuesday. The student had no intentions on using the gun at school, he was planning on selling it.

Man turns himself in after shooting

At around 12:45 a.m., officers received in reference to a shooting in the 2100 block of Gregory. When officers arrived they found Demario Ford, 22, of Waco inside the residence suffering from an apparent gun shot wound. Mr.

Investigation continues in death of two infants

The investigation of the death of two babies continues as officials wait for autopsy results.

County Judge Candidate Ralph Cooper opposes decision on Jack Harwell Detention Center

County Judge Candidate, Ralph Cooper, says no to the Jack Harwell Detention Center. He says the public deserves to know why the jail was built.

'I-35 Bandit' strikes again

Waco-- The "'I-35 Bandit", as police are calling him, has struck again. He has now been involved in as many as 17 armed robberies since 2004. His most recent robbery took place in Little River Academy at the local bank.

Doctor says key to beating breast cancer is early detection

This year, more than 150 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Mclennan County. But whether a woman starts getting annal mammograms at the age of 40 or 50 is still under debate. The U.S.