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Cheap lofts at historic location

WACO — Downtown living in Waco is about to get cheaper. The soon to open historic lofts at Waco High will offer lower income housing in a historic location. Developers say rent will range from 204 to 600 dollars a month and the units will

Officers injured in scrap with wanted man

WACO — Two officers were injured by Jose Lopez, a man trying to renew his license at the DMV. The officers tried to arrest him after a warrant check showed the man was wanted on a robbery charge. One sergeant with the DMV did require medi

Fort Hood tightening security

KILLEEN — Fort Hood officials are amping up security at the post. Since the shooting on Thursday, the post has closed off to the public and security for the memorial yesterday was even tighter with the president attending. Before the

Woman arrested for butcher-knife chase

WACO — Dezoree Click is charged with aggravated assault after she allegedly chased her boyfriend down the street with a butcher knife. When police spoke to the woman later, she denied knowing the man. The Waco Tribune reports Click was re

Obama's headed to Fort Hood

WACO — President Obama and wife Michelle will visit central Texas for the first time Tuesday. The two are expected to attend a Fort Hood memorial service at 1 p.m.

Ft. Hood reactions

WACO — Muslim-Americans serving in the military hope Hasan's actions will not determine how others view their religious community as a whole. Here is a clip of one soldiers views.

Suspect found near body of deceased woman

WACO — A suspect in the shooting death of a Valley Mills woman, Kathy Todd, has been arrested after he was found hiding in a shed. The Waco Tribune reports the shed was near where the woman's body was found on Friday. The suspect was arre

Waco graduate executed

WACO — Waco High School graduate Khristian Oliver has been executed for the 1998 slaying of an East Texas man. Oliver is responsible for the death of 64-year-old Joe Collins.

Robinson woman fakes cancer

ROBINSON — A Robinson woman, Trista Lathern, allegedly lied about having cancer to get money for breast implants. Authorities say Trista Lathern claimed she had breast cancer even going so far as to shave her head to give the illusion she wa

City alters smoking ban

WACO — City smoking ordinances will be tighter after a vote by the Waco City Council last night. The new restrictions will remove exemptions in the current ordinance and it will prohibit smoking in new bars, but not in old ones. City