McLennan County Sheriff's Office makes large drug raid Wednesday morning

McLennan County Jail
POSTED: Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 4:25pm
UPDATED: Monday, August 19, 2013 - 1:16pm

Just barely a week in office and Parnell McNamara is already making strides to get drugs off the streets.

Along with the Sheriff's Office, other agencies such as DPS, the newly organized crime unit, and the criminal investigations and patrol division raided a Bosqueville home, uncovering what appears to be a large scale drug operation.

Just before 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, the Bosqueville home was raided, as officials searched for clues as to what led to 28-year-old Lauren Darby's death last Saturday. Inside the home, sheriff's deputies and DPS discovered and collected crystal meth, black tar heroin, heroin capsules and drug paraphernalia. A BMW was also seized from the property.

"The car was seized because we tied it to the drug operation," said Sheriff McNamara.

Officials arrested David William Sirbasku, who lives at the 8465 Rock Creek Road home, because he was in possession of drugs during the raid. Sirbasku was also at home when Darby died and reportedly called for help hours after she drowned in the tub. However, authorities aren't naming him as a suspect at this time.

"There's nothing that leads us to believe that, but the death is a questionable death. And, it's still under investigation," said McNamara.

While there are no obvious signs of foul play, authorities are suspicious that the woman's death may be drug-related.

"When you see a young female, that age, or any age, matter of fact, that is deceased, and you believe it's drug related, it makes you sick," said McNamara.

An autopsy has been ordered and toxicology results are pending. Sirbasku posted a ten thousand dollar bond Wednesday afternoon.


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So how are we to believe the news? Yall report that it's some BIG drug raid, and the Waco Trib. reports that a search warrant was issued after the death of Ms. Darby because they suspected drugs. They also said "In the process, officers seized an unspecified number of grams of methamphetamine and “black tar” heroin that was considered consistent with personal use...Cawthon said." Considered CONSISTENT with personal use. That's a far cry from a "large drug raid".

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