More teens with guns

Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 4:41pm

WACO -- These days not only do parents have to worry about their teens getting into drugs and alcohol but now guns are becoming an issue.

"Seems like you know in these urban areas that we're having fights and fist fights, used to when I was growing up you'd have a fist fights, well now it's guns and knifes," said D.L. Wilson, state trooper.

In a survey from Teenage Research Unlimited 44 percent of teens said they could get a handgun if they wanted to and a third of participants say they knew someone who'd been shot.

"Definitely a black market out there and people, burglary suspects they steal, break into houses and those guns come on the market then," said Wilson.

Wilson said many teens may have guns because they don't feel safe especially if they are dealing with drugs.

Then there's the influence of video games desensitizing our youth to violence.

"Got a gun that shoots, kills people, blood goes everywhere then all the sudden they hit a reset button and everybody's alive and we start over again," said Wilson.

A lot of kids can find guns in the homes of friends or family.

So keeping guns locked away and teaching kids gun safety is critical.

"Explain the situation with them how dangerous they are. These are dangerous guns and every gun should be treated like it's loaded," said Wilson.


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