National Burger Month is celebrated in Waco

Friday, May 17, 2013 - 9:35am

National Burger Month has all cow lovers uniting this May, taking a bite out of all the best meat and veggie burgers in town.

Mooyah, located on Baylor's campus in Waco, has drawn in a lot of happy customers with their self-customizable ordering options. The origin of the national month of recognition for burgers is unclear, but, we can all agree that burgers are tasty and a favorite food for most Americans. 

"It's just a fun and exciting time. It's a little break in the monotony of the year," said Jessica Gallippo, Marketing Manager for Dining Services at Baylor.

"It's just an easy staple that people can eat, easy to make, easy to assemble," said PJ Martinez, a graduating Senior at Baylor University.

"My favorite burger is just a classic with ketchup, mustard, and a few condiments," said Cheryl Mathis, Assistant Director of Campus Programs at Baylor.

"I'll spend up to ten dollars, maybe more if it's a good burger," said Travis Stone, a graduating Senior at Baylor University.

"Just going for it and eating it, hands down best part," said graduating Senior Scott Jackson.

Many people seem to prefer gourmet burgers these days over fast food. And some are willing to spend ten dollars or more for a savory burger.


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