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Oklahoma tornadoes rake the state: Storms kill 1, injure dozens

What had been an unusually quiet storm season broke out with a vengeance Wednesday, slashing across Oklahoma and killing one person.

Capitol Police to Congress: No more drunken 4th of July parties

Congressional law enforcement officials want to rein in the growing number of parties in the Capitol during the annual Memorial Day and July Fourth concerts, according to a letter from the U.S.

California woman found safe two days after alleged kidnapping

Denise Huskins, who was reported kidnapped two days ago in Vallejo, California, has been found safe more than 400 miles away, authorities and her father said Wednesday.

'Most Interesting Man' cutout gets traffic ticket

Call it "The Most Interesting Traffic Ticket in the World."

Kidnapped woman's father to abductors: 'Please don't hurt her'

The father of a woman who vanished from her boyfriend's home in California is imploring her kidnappers not to harm her.

Army Sgt. Bergdahl to be charged with desertion

Military officials are set to charge Army Sgt.

Zayn Malik leaving One Direction

That sound you just heard was the crash of hearts breaking all over the world. Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction.

Kraft and Heinz merger to create food giant

Heinz is buying Kraft Foods to create the world's fifth largest food and beverage company. The Kraft Heinz Company will have revenues of about $28 billion, according to a statement from both companies.

Study: Jupiter's journey destroyed 'super-Earths,' laid groundwork for Earth

It turns out that Jupiter may be more than just an enormous ball of gas spinning a few hundred million miles farther out in the solar system. We earthlings might have the giant planet to thank for our very existence. Two scientists are sugges

Federal workers owe the IRS $3.5 billion

They work for the government, but they haven't paid their taxes on time. Federal workers and retirees owe the IRS $3.5 billion, according to data released Tuesday.