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Athletes defend cheerleader with Down's syndrome from bullies in stands

A bully banished, a girl's smile restored, and three junior high basketball players learn that taking a stand can make a difference.

5 things to know for your New Day -- Thursday, March 12

Ferguson erupts after police chief resigns. Homeland Security investigates Secret Service agents. And Iraqi forces advance in Tikrit. It's Thursday, and here are the 5 things to know for your New Day

Drunk Secret Service agents crash into WH barrier

The Department of Homeland Security is investigating another incident of misconduct by senior Secret Service agents, White House officials said Wednesday night.

Iran deal: A treaty or not a treaty, that is the question

If it looks like a treaty, walks like a treaty and talks like a treaty, is it a treaty? According to the White House, only if the President of the United States says it is. That's infuriating Republicans and even some Democrats, who are deman

UT Austin investigating "border-themed" frat party

 In a message released Tuesday evening, UT President Bill Powers acknowledges the university's lack of a response to the Fiji house party.

Real or fake? Monstrous gator takes over golf course

Check out this big guy. Some golfers in Florida say this gator was on their course last weekend at the Myakka Pines Golf Club. Not everyone is buying it-- some say the photo is fake. What do you think?

3 killed in West Texas oil rig explosion

Three people died in an oil rig explosion in West Texas. The incident happened Tuesday morning at a rig in Upton County.

Ferguson police chief to resign

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson will resign on Wednesday, a source in the Ferguson, Missouri, City Hall told CNN. In the past, the police chief has said he'd considered resigning, but stayed put up to now.

Ireland will soon close legal drugs loophole

On Wednesday, lawmakers in Ireland rushed to close a loophole that temporarily made it legal to possess Ecstasy, crystal methamphetamine, ketamine, magic mushrooms and a host of other recreational drugs. The loophole was inadvertently opened the

US Airways passenger goes into labor in midflight

About to have a baby? Congratulations!