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Jurors see Tsarnaev's writings on boat

Jurors in the Boston Marathon bombings trial were shown a key piece of evidence Tuesday: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's writings on the inside of the boat he used as a hideout.

Could the U.S. be growing less hateful? Report: Maybe, but racism more hidden

America may be growing less hateful.

McDonald's to put kale on menu?

Looking for some kale in that Shamrock Shake from McDonald's? It's not going to happen in time for St. Patrick's Day next week. But maybe in 2016? That's what one Wall Street firm is suggesting.

2 University of Oklahoma students expelled over racist chant

Two University of Oklahoma students were expelled Tuesday for their alleged "leadership role" in a racist chant by Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members, a decision that President David Boren says speaks to his school's "zer

Father: Scammer stole daughter's online identity to meet women

One Valley couple has a scary warning for parents who post pictures of their children on social media – a scammer is using pictures of their 3-year-old daughter to meet girls online. The scam is an online phenomenon called "catfishing." The way i

The first city to open its own pot shop

Cannabis Corner is the first recreational pot shop in the U.S. to be owned and operated by a government agency.

Obama to announce help for student borrowers

President Obama will announce new steps Tuesday to help students avoid the pitfalls of excessive student debt.

Mom pleads guilty to selling 13-year-old daughter for sex

According to prosecutors, Holly Geib received a $600 monthly payment for allowing her middle school-aged daughter to live with a 31-year-old man.

ICE arrests more than 2,000 fugitive immigrants

The U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency said Monday it arrested more than 2,000 people as part of a five-day sweep aimed at detaining fugitive immigrants associated with gangs and other criminal backgrounds.

'American Sniper' tops 'Hunger Games' for 2014's biggest box office

Katniss Everdeen may have won the Hunger Games, but "American Sniper" won at the box office in 2014.