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Jennifer Lawrence, other female celebs targeted in nude photo scandal

In a major breach of privacy, a hacker leaked a series of pictures allegedly showing Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities in the nude.

Summer rewind: Looking back at 1994

"My mama always said you've got to put the past behind you before you can move on."

Kraft recalls American singles cheese

Kraft Foods Group is voluntarily recalling 7,691 cases of select varieties of regular Kraft American Singles Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product.

Five things to know for your New Day -- Monday, September 1

The Ku Klux Klan is stepping up its recruitment efforts, leaving fliers and candy outside homes. The packages appear to be part of a wider recruitment effort by the Klan across the country, says Ryan Lenz of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

99 Year Old's Story on News 8 Goes Global

Sitting in a favorite chair in her farm house, Lillian Weber sets her sights on one specific goal. "I just love to sew," she says. "It just kinda fascinates me."

Joan Rivers' daughter: 'Fingers crossed' on comedian's recovery

The latest statement from Joan Rivers' daughter gave no new information about the comedian's condition three days after she was rushed to a New York hospital.

Ukraine warns of return to 'full-scale war' over crisis with Russia

A U.S. lawmaker is calling for the arming of Ukrainian forces engaged in fighting Russian troops along the nation's eastern border with Russia.

Unintended consequences: Why painkiller addicts turn to heroin

The face of heroin abuse in America is changing.

Sand collapse kills 9-year-old girl at Oregon beach

When you think of potentially fatal threats at the beach, you probably think of sharks or riptides. You probably don't worry about the sand.

Airline seat reclining sparks another skirmish

Inching into another passenger's knee space has some fliers itching for a fight.