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Good Samaritan rescues baby abandoned in New York City park

New York City, NY (WPIX) -- Charges are pending against two 18-year-olds accused of abandoning their baby in a Harlem park Sunday night. The six-month-old baby boy was found by good Samaritan Micheal Allen in a park on West 143rd Street. Cops s

Who pays most income taxes? People 45 and up

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- American society may be youth-obsessed. But when it comes to funding what Americans expect their government to do for them, props go to people who are middle aged and older. Nearly half of all tax filers are over 45.

Malaysia Airlines' $5,000 payment is just the beginning

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Malaysia Airlines offered initial financial assistance to the families of Flight 370 passengers on Tuesday, and promised that additional compensation was being prepared. The payments of $5,000 per passenger should help famil

Second BASE jumping fatality reported at Zion National Park

ZION NATIONAL PARK, Utah (KSTU) -- ZION NATIONAL PARK — One person is dead after a BASE jumping accident at Zion National Park, officials confirmed Monday morning. Zion National Park spokeswoman Aly Baltrus said officials were alerted Sunday about

Silicon Valley is fed up with slow Internet speeds

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- A battle is brewing between big tech companies and broadband providers over how to deliver your favorite websites and media to your home. Companies like Google and Netflix rely on Internet service providers to transmit bandw

Diabetes and TB: A growing threat

Working in public health for 14 years in Brownsville, Texas, in a border region with poor health conditions, has taught me a lot about how disease threats can get a boost from an unsuspected source.

Official: White House to propose overhaul in NSA phone records data collection

The White House is preparing to introduce legislation that would end part of the National Security Agency's bulk phone records data collection program, a senior administration official told CNN. The Obama administration's decision follows a length

Sailor, civilian killed in shooting at Virginia naval station

A civilian breached security and boarded a U.S. Navy destroyer at Virginia's Naval Station Norfolk Monday night, where he fatally shot a sailor on the ship before security personnel shot and killed him, a U.S.

Gulf oil may be big trouble for big fish

Funny thing about fish: You can see right through them in their infancy and watch their organs develop.

Putin steals spotlight from Obama's international trip

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (CNN) -- For the White House, this hectic, week-long journey to Europe and Saudi Arabia was supposed to showcase President Barack Obama's leadership on the world stage.