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LIST: 2014 Bowl Game Schedule

The 2014 college football regular season has come to an end and now all that's left are bowl games and the first-ever College Football Playoff games!

Utah woman fakes brain cancer, raises over $3K in charity

A Utah woman defrauded an entire community out of thousands of dollars after faking a brain tumor.

Beyonce, Taylor Swift, U2 among big Grammy nominees

The Grammys may have taken a slow, piecemeal route in issuing nominations Friday, but Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and U2 were very much up to speed.

George Bush picks Jeb over 'sister-in-law' Hillary in 2016

George W. Bush might have developed a brotherly relationship with Bill Clinton -- but he's still picking his actual brother, Jeb, over Clinton's wife, Hillary, in a potential 2016 presidential match-up.

Rare sculpture of Jesus Christ worth $7,500 stolen from Indiana art gallery

It's a high-dollar heist, right off Zionsville's Main Street. A Thomas Kinkade gallery owner said someone stole a bronze sculpture of Jesus Christ right out of her shop.

Obama tells BET audience despite grand jury verdicts 'things are better'

After weeks of racial protests across the country, President Barack Obama is taking the time to deliver encouraging words about the future of race relations in America to a network that reaches a predominately young African-American audience.

Bush 43 on his book '41': 'It's a love story'

Former President George W. Bush has a number of accomplishments under his belt: Texas governor, U.S. president, and now, a New York Times best-selling author.

The plight of the Southern Democrat

The 2014 elections seemed like the final reckoning for Southern Democrats, the culmination of a political metamorphosis that began in the Civil Rights era and concluded under the nation's first black President.

U.S. transfers 6 detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Uruguay

The United States has transferred six detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Uruguay, the Defense Department said Sunday, leaving the lowest number of inmates at the base in Cuba since detainees started arriving in 2002.

Landrieu's defeat gives Republicans ninth seat this cycle

Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu lost her Senate runoff race Saturday night, felled by the red tide that's swept the South and ties to an unpopular President that she couldn't shake.