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Promising U.S. skiers killed in avalanche

An avalanche in Austria claimed the lives of two promising young ski racers Monday, the U.S. Ski Team said.

10 of the most exciting global attractions opening in 2015

From the world's largest archeology museum to its biggest eco-park, 2015 is gearing up to be a whopper of a year for global tourists in search of the next big thing.

Texas rankings for most comprehensive graduate economics programs in 2015

The Financial Engineer has released their Master of Economics rankings list for the most comprehensive graduate economics programs in the country. Here is a list of Texas Universities that made the cut:

Warning: Oil drops below $50

The calendar may say 2015. But oil is still tumbling like it's 2014.

Don't believe this Facebook hoax!

Are your Facebook friends posting some strange legalese about privacy guidelines? Yeah, that's a bunch of garbage.

Underage sex claims against Prince Andrew, Dershowitz blasted as 'false'

Buckingham Palace came out swinging Monday against allegations that Prince Andrew had sex with an underage girl. Prominent U.S.

Brazilian man survives brawl that left a knife stuck in his head for hours

SAO PAULO (CNN) -- How's this for a miraculous outcome?

Baby found dead in California after abduction; her parents shot

A 3-week-old girl abducted after her mother, father and uncle were shot has been found dead, authorities in California said. Eliza Delacruz was taken from a home in Long Beach on Saturday.

Boston bombing trial lawyers fail to reach plea deal

As accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev goes on trial Monday few doubt the outcome of the first phase of the two-phase trial.

For SpaceX, 'X' marks the spot

The private spaceflight company SpaceX will launch another mission to the International Space Station on Tuesday, but the real highlight of the event could be back on Earth. A Falcon 9 rocket will lift the cargo into orbit, and for the first tim