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Vandals splatter Lincoln Memorial with green paint

The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized overnight and will remain closed until it is cleaned up, U.S. Park Police Capt. Steven Booker told CNN Friday. Police were alerted to the scene just before 1:30 a.m.

VIDEO: Alligator eats 80 lb. dog

North Carolina authorities shot and killed an alligator they say ate an 80 pound dog. Authorities found the massive alligator Wednesday with remnants of the dog still in its mouth.

MUST WATCH: Spain train crash impact

We're now getting a look at shocking surveillance video from the deadly train crash in Northwestern Spain.

Teen Gives Birth, May Have Been Riding Around With Baby in Car

Shelby (WJW) -- It was a 911 call made by an auto mechanic that led police to the body of a baby inside a customer's car. But was that baby dead or alive before a Mansfield teenager put the infant in the trunk of her car?

Holder now going after Texas voting law in race debate

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) -- There is one thing to be said about Attorney General Eric Holder. He has a way with words that makes conservatives furious -- especially when he starts talking about race and the law. There are many examples.

China's Bo Xilai indicted for corruption, abuse of power

HONG KONG (CNN) -- For more than a year, Bo Xilai has been the elephant in the room in Chinese politics -- the central figure in one of the messiest political scandals to hit the ruling Communist Party in years. Sacked as party chief in the sprawl

Obama: Rest of my presidency is for working-class America

GALESBURG, Illinois (CNN) -- President Barack Obama vowed Wednesday to focus his energy for the rest of his presidency on the core tenet of his election victories -- equal opportunity for all Americans -- starting with campaign-style speeches on the

House rejects effort to curb NSA phone surveillance


Fort Carson soldiers accused of sexual misconduct involving female minors

Authorities are investigating allegations of sexual misconduct by several soldiers from Fort Carson in Colorado, officials said Wednesday. The allegations involve female minors, they said.

George Zimmerman's heroic act 'not staged,' says attorney

A family helped out of an overturned vehicle by George Zimmerman canceled a news conference Wednesday because of safety concerns, according to Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara, who also insisted the incident wasn't staged. "They were very worried