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Senate begins Confirmation Hearings

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate's Democratic women are describing Sonia Sotomayor as a role model for women and minorities, as the Senate moves toward a vote on her Supreme Court nomination as soon as tomorrow. The women took to the Senate floo

Professors Protest Detention of Bloggers in Azerbaijan

A court hearing for a University of Richmond alumnus detained in Azerbaijan is expected to begin in September, two months after he and a fellow activist were arrested on charges of hooliganism.

Mission Accomplished

Former President Clinton leaves N. Korea with pardoned U.S. journalists, Clinton spokeman reports | VIDEO

Cops Confirm Mom in Crash That Killed 8 Was Very Drunk

A Long Island mother was very drunk, with an extra-large bottle of vodka in her car, and was smoking marijuana before she caused a wrong-way crash on a New York highway that killed her, her young daughter and six others, police said Tuesday.

Ex-Navy SEAL's Conviction Overturned in Co-Ed's Killing

The Virginia Court of Appeals has overturned the murder conviction of an ex-Navy SEAL trainee convicted of killing a Georgia college student who was vacationing in Virginia.

Calif. Father Refuses to Take Down Tattered U.S. Flag

A California father is refusing to take down a tattered American flag despite calls from neighbors because he told his son he'd fly it until he safely returns from Iraq.

Professor, Cheerleaders Unite to Teach Science

A physics professor who says he'll do "anything" to get people interested in science is teaming up with the Philadelphia 76ers cheerleaders to offer online lessons on magnetics, mass and matter — all through the magic of mini-skirts.

Mini Helicopter Allows Solo Air Travel

New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft unveils a strap-on mini helicopter designed to travel at a speed of 62 mph for about 31 miles.