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Will Senate Save 'Clunkers'?

Senate expected to vote next week after House approves $2B boost for 'cash for clunkers' program | VIDEO

Last-Minute Health Care Hurdle Cleared

Democratic leaders say they've worked out dispute, clearing way for sweeping bill to move ahead in House

Cold Feet? Calif. Newlywed, 81, Mysteriously Vanishes

An 81-year-old California newlywed mysteriously vanished after marrying his childhood sweetheart 59 years after he proposed — and investigators are wondering whether they have a case of cold feet on their hands.

'Cash for Clunkers' Under Review

Future of successful program is up in the air amid concern it could quickly use up $1B in rebates for new car purchases

Cop: We Agreed to Disagree on the Past

Police sergeant says he and Harvard scholar decided to 'move forward' during chat over beer with Obama at the White House | PHOTOS |

Eggs For Cash Proposal Slammed

Critics say plan to give N.Y. women $10G to donate eggs to stem cell research 'immoral,' takes advantage of poor

Bad Employer Bailout?

Health care reform legislation could provide loophole for undocumented workers to get coverage• ObamaCare Takes Hit in Poll

F-22 Funding Won't Fly

House goes along with plans to kill the fighter jets, but rejects Obama's plan to cut off other big ticket items

Gov't Blasted for Highway Fund Misuse

GOP senators say transportation funds wasted on scenic beautification while bridges are in disrepair