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Citizens' Militia Kill 7 Militants in Pakistan Firefight

A citizens' militia trying to drive out the Taliban killed seven militants in a two-hour firefight in Pakistan's troubled northwest, police said Sunday.

Obama Challenges Iran

President Obama calls on Iranian government to 'stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people'• Iran Police Clash With Protesters in Bloody Crackdown

Powerful Cleric May Be Playing Role in Iran Unrest

One of Iran's most powerful men may be playing a key role behind closed doors in the country's escalating postelection crisis.

New Mexico Ranchers Fear Sick Cows Could Enter U.S.

Ranchers worry illegal immigrants who cut down fences to cross the border with Mexico will allow sick cows to infect U.S. livestock.

Multiple Armed Gunmen Open Fire at Denny's; 1 Dead

Police spokeswoman Nadine Hamby says "multiple" armed suspects rushed the packed northwest Albuquerque restaurant at about 9:30 a.m. Saturday

FBI Tried in Vain to Stop 'Deep Throat' Film

The FBI documents newly released to The Associated Press reveal the bureau's sprawling and ultimately vain attempt to stop the spread of a movie some saw as the victory of a cultural and sexual revolution and others saw as simply decadent.

NAACP Rallies for Cop Killer on Death Row

The NAACP has held a rally in Savannah aimed at sparing the life of death-row inmate Troy Davis, who was convicted of killing a police officer 20 years ago.

Language Lesson: Britain Nixes 'I Before E' Rule

British government guidance tells teachers not to pass on the rule to students, because there are too many exceptions

Iconic Signed Photo of Albert Einstein Sells for $74K

One of the original signed prints of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out at photographers has been sold by a New Hampshire auction house for $74,324.