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Presbyterian group changes marriage definition to include same-sex couples

The country's largest Presbyterian denomination has changed its definition of marriage to include gay couples -- though not explicitly.

New British £1 coin designed by a teenager

British teenager David Pearce must feel like a million bucks after the government unveiled his winning design for the nation's new one pound coins. The design features a crown and four plants growing from a single stem to represent the nations o

Rape, nude photos, racist behavior: Do fraternities make men behave badly?

Despite roots in community service and brotherhood, inappropriate behavior at fraternities can be so common that often, no one blinks an eye. But a spate of recent disgraces -- from racist lyrics to nude photos of incapacitated women -- have pro

9 things to know about chemical weapons

The Pueblo Chemical Depot is set to begin destroying the United States' largest remaining stockpile of chemical weapons this week in southern Colorado. Here are nine things to know about these chemical weapons and how we got here:

Decapitated body found floating near South Padre Island

A headless body was found by fishermen in the Laguna Madre near South Padre Island.

Israeli PM Netanyahu claims victory in re-election bid

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed victory is his re-election bid on Tuesday. Netanyahu said it was a "major victory" for the people of Israel.

Air Force veteran tried to join ISIS, U.S. alleges

A U.S. Air Force veteran tried to join ISIS in Syria but was turned back by Turkish authorities before he could get to the war-torn country, U.S. authorities allege in a two-count indictment announced Tuesday.

Hundreds of dead fish wash up along Chesapeake canal

Over the weekend hundreds of fish washed up along the shore around the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake. Local fisherman that live along the Gilmerton Canal in Chesapeake contacted Newschannel 3 Sunday morning about the wash up.

Robert Durst says he 'killed them all' -- but is that admissible in court?

 [Breaking news update, published at 12:19 p.m. ET]

Nintendo is finally bringing Mario to your smartphone

Nintendo will soon unleash Mario and Luigi on your smartphone.