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Study: Daily Dose of Caffeine May Cure Alzheimer's

Three large cups of coffee a day could help to slow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease and even reverse the condition, researchers say.

Obama Seeks Russian Thaw

Presidents Medvedev and Obama to hold first U.S.-Russia summit in 7 years, may announce arms treaty progress

Iran Warns of 'Real' Action if Israel Attacks Nuke Sites

Iran is ready to take "real and decisive" action if Israel attacks its nuclear facilities, a senior Iranian parliamentary official said Monday.

Mom Accused of Withholding Autistic Son's Cancer Meds

A woman accused of withholding cancer treatment from her autistic son has been charged with attempted murder.

DUPER FREAK: 'Bruno' Victims Speak Out

People unfamiliar with Sascha Baron Cohen's comedy come forward, disgusted with the comedian's antics.

Uncle Sam Brings 'Jon & Kate' Back Together

Weeks after reality star Kate Gosselin filed divorce papers from her husband Jon, the two spent Independence Day together, reported.

Wildfire Burns Northwest of Los Angeles

Firefighters are battling a wildfire that has burned about 130 acres in the Angeles National Forest northwest of Los Angeles.