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Coalition Fights Expansion of Islamic Saudi Academy in Va.

A holy war is brewing in Virginia, where a controversial Islamic school is seeking permission to expand its campus and a group of residents is going all out to stop it.

Health Bill 'On Schedule'

Pelosi says Dems plan to roll out health care reform package Tuesday in order for bill to pass before recess

Auto Task Force Head Taking Off

Steven Rattner, who managed GM, Chrysler restructuring, leaving task force; will be replaced by Ron Bloom

Man Drives Over Edge of Grand Canyon to His Death

Authorities say a man has driven over the edge of the Grand Canyon and plunged 600 feet to his death.

Ala. Doctor Tapped for Surgeon General

URGENT: Obama picks family physician Regina Benjamin, the first black woman to head a state medical society

Where Did MJ's Money Go? His Crazy Day-to-Day Expenses

Court documents reveal the King of Pop's excessive spending habits that caused him to blow through millions per month

Swearing Makes You Feel Less Pain

That muttered curse word that reflexively comes out when you stub your toe could actually make it easier to bear the throbbing pain, a new study suggests.

Japan PM to Call Vote, Faces No-Confidence Motion

Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso told ruling party leaders Monday he will dissolve parliament and hold general elections next month, following a crushing defeat for his party in Tokyo municipal polls considered a barometer of voter sentiment.

Joe Jackson Wants Michael's Kids to Tour as 'Jackson 3'

Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, is lining up the King of Pop’s children for a world tour as The Jackson Three — despite family members accusing him of trying to "exploit them like Jacko."