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Nine things to know about chemical weapons

The Pueblo Chemical Depot is set to begin destroying the United States' largest remaining stockpile of chemical weapons this week in southern Colorado. Here are nine things to know about these chemical weapons and how we got here: 1.

Suspect tried to hide by spray-painting his face, police say

A suspected car thief in Madera, California, spray-painted his face in an effort to hide from police. According to Corp. Josiah Arnold, Madera police located a stolen car parked suspiciously next to an apartment complex.

Romney's next fight: Boxing Evander Holyfield

Call him a glutton for punishment, but Mitt Romney is looking for another drubbing. But instead of another campaign, Romney is jumping into the ring -- an actual boxing ring -- with ex-heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, a Romney aide confir

Teen forced chemotherapy pleas to judge

 A 17-year-old Windsor Locks girl, who was forced to get chemo therapy against her will, faced a judge on Monday via teleconference to see if she will be able to come home to finish the end of her treatments.

Official: ISIS attacks Libyan hospital, kidnaps -- then frees -- 20 foreigners

ISIS militants attacked a Libyan hospital and kidnapped 20 medical workers, a hospital official said -- the latest example of the Islamist extremist group's reach into North Africa. About 30 gunmen tied to the group calling itself the Islamic S

Buzz Aldrin sends Mars message from Stonehenge

Buzz Aldrin, one of the first two men to walk on the moon back in 1969, has used one of mankind's oldest monuments as a backdrop for his call for a new leap in space exploration. The veteran astronaut posted a picture to his Twitter feed Monday

Texas Senate approves open carry of handguns

A bill lifting some of the state's restrictions on handguns cleared the Texas Senate along a party line vote of 20 to 11 Monday.

Appeals court issues stay in execution of East Texas man

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has placed a stay on the March 18 execution of an East Texas man.

McDonald's workers allege unsafe working conditions

Some McDonald's workers claim that they've been hurt on the job due to unsafe working conditions.

Real estate heir Robert Durst says he 'killed them all'

He admitted to shooting and dismembering his neighbor, but was acquitted of murder. He was suspected in his first wife's disappearance, but no one could pin him to it.