Navasota FD asking county for reimbursement on calls made outside city limits

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 4:40pm

The Navasota Fire Department responds to emergency calls on a daily basis not just inside city limits but out in the county as well.

"The citizens we do respond to outside the city are getting the same services that we provide to our city citizens, basically just without having to pay for it," said Fire Chief Jason Katkoski.

About 23 percent of all the calls the department makes are outside city limits and it's costing the department hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

"We started looking at our budgets over the last five years,our call responses and our call volume outside the city, and we ended up adjusting that and came up with a fee of about $126,000 to respond outside city limits," Chief Katkoski said.

A costly expense that's dipping into the fire department's general fund so the city wants to be reimbursed by Grimes County.

"It adds up fast and it takes away from other services that we can provide," said Navasota city manager, Brad Stafford. "We could fix our roads or buy new equipment with that $126,000 every year rather than subsidizing that service outside our city limits."

The city hopes to reach an agreement with county commissioners within the next month or two.

If one can't be reached, the city will possibly consider stopping service to county residents.

Chief Katkoski says that's their worst case scenario, "Our intent is to not abandon our county residents."


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