Navasota house fire kills elderly man

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 5:25pm

Now that the flames are out and the smoke has cleared, ashes and rubble are all that remain of this home off Chinski Street in Navasota.

 "We can't even, you know, come and sit and enjoy just being in his house because there's nothing left, nothing left," said Laquenta Norman, the victim's granddaughter.

Fire Chief Jason Katkoski says when firefighters arrived around 4:30 Wednesday morning the house was already engulfed. The blaze was so strong it also damaged a neighbor's home and a nearby parked car.

"A nearby resident came up and stated that there was possibly somebody inside but as you can see the roof collapsed so it wasn't safe for us to go in," said Katkoski.

Sadly 71-year-old Edgar Curley Sr. was trapped inside and didn't make it out alive.

News that's left this tight-knit neighborhood in disbelief.

Adrian Ewing, Edgar's neighbor said, "I had just seen him earlier in the day sitting in his truck, you know he loved that truck, and to just hear about what happened you know I'm just in shock."

Shamyra and Laquenta, Edgar's granddaughters, came to the house Thursday to see if they could salvage what was left.

They were able to find the key's to Edgar's beloved truck inside and while that's about the only material possession they could save, the two say they find comfort in their faith.

"The only thing I can keep doing is pray," said Shamyra Mitchell. "And hope that the good Lord will just be with us through everything, which I know he will."

We're told there were no smoke detectors inside the home and firefighters believe the blaze was caused by a space heater that was plugged into a propane tank.


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