Officials warn of highway safety after several accidents, fatalities

POSTED: Monday, May 21, 2012 - 5:38pm
UPDATED: Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 9:38am

CENTRAL TEXAS -- In just two days at least four accidents were reported in Central Texas, three of them involving motorcycles, that sent six people to the hospital.

The deadliest accident resulted in three fatalities in Bell County.

"The passenger car failed to yield at a stop, or at a yield intersection, and that's when the motorcycle struck the rear of the passenger door," said Harpin Myers, senior trooper highway patrol.

The victims were 38-year-old Samuel Overstreet, 44-year-old Ranie Comeau, both of Bell County and 18-year-old Lanie Watts, a high school student at Little River Academy.

"The motorcycle burned and also the passenger car," said Myers.

DPS officials say more people on the road means a higher risk for accidents.

"Due to the gas crunch also a lot of folks are buying smaller vehicles and motorcycles on top of that. so we have increase of more vehicles on the roadway and especially during the holiday season folks are traveling from one point to another," said Myers.

This week also happens to be the 11th annual Click-it-or-Ticket campaign.

"To raise awareness by our traveling public, the need and also the law that requires everyone to buckle up," said Ken Roberts, spokesman for TxDOT.

Whether you're the driver, the passenger, or you're in the back seat, everyone in the vehicle is eligible for a ticket.

"Fines range from everything from $25 up to $250 plus court costs. So it can get very expensive to just not click it or ticket," said Roberts.

So remember, slow down and avoid distractions.

Because in the end, it's about saving lives.


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Accidents are quite common these days so therefore we should be more aware and alert while driving so that we are not trapped in an accident. In a recent event it was seen that the number of accidents has increased in number in Central Texas and due to this the safety alerts have increased in certain number so that the number of accidents are decreased.
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