ONE DAY THIS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE: 11-year-old boy donates money to police department

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 12:40pm

Most 11-year-olds spend their money on candy and video games.

But there's a young man from Wisconsin who decided to do a good deed with his cash.

Usually surveillance video is used to capture crime, but this time the cameras captured kindness.

Watch as this boy walks into the Greenfield Police Department, drops off a bag of change then makes a mad dash.

He left no note and no name, Greenfield police were determined to find him.

"We would really like to thank him, thank him for his gesture," said one officer.

"I just walked up to her and said, 'I would like to donate all this money to the Greenfield Police Department,'" said Max Siepert.

Meet Max a sixth grader with a big smile and a giant heart. He saved up enough money over the summer to donate, but why the police department?

"My grandpa, who I never got to meet, he was a police officer, and he died at the line of duty," said Max.

This videotaped donation was $10.03, but this gift is about more than the amount. It's about the fact that we can all witness compassion a child has shown for complete strangers.

"One day, that's going to make a difference. If every person would do that, we'd have such a great world. It would be awesome," said Max

There is no word on how the department will spend the money.


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