Package explodes, severely injures family in south Texas

Friday, January 11, 2013 - 6:22pm

A potentially deadly delivery to a family in East Brownsville.

An intentional explosive device detonated at a home off of the three-thousand block of Resaca Vista, with two other devices in the suspicious package remaining intact. The person behind the crime is still at large, the three victims, hospitalized.

"Some time last night a package was delivered to the residence, apparently left at the front," says Brownsville Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez.

Police are still trying to figure who delivered the package; if it was a legit delivery by an actual company or dropped off by the person trying to send a very violent message.

"The package was brought in this morning and was opened in the common area of the house," says the chief.

A mother and father, along with their five year old daughter suffered moderate to severe injuries when the device exploded around 7:30 Friday morning.

"It's very destructive as you can imagine with an explosive device. There's a tremendous amount of damage and inside the dining room area of the residence," says Chief Rodriguez.

All three victims were transported to Valley Regional Medical Center along with three fire firefighters who required decontamination treatment.

The child’s injuries were the most severe; she was air lifted to San Antonio for her injuries.

"It's too early to determine exactly why," says the chief.

While the exact motive hasn't been determined Chief Rodriguez says the intent was, without a doubt, meant to create a massive amount of destruction or even death.

Police say this investigation is still in the very early stages. If you know anything about this incident you're urged to call Brownsville Crime Stoppers at 546 TIPS.


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