Police writing citations for noise violations, no more warnings

Friday, May 25, 2012 - 3:15pm

WACO -- Before cranking up the music for your Memorial Day party, Waco Police are warning they're giving out more tickets for noise violations and it will cost you.

This after people were going to local lawmakers demanding stricter enforcement of noise violations.

In 2011, police received more than 3,000 noise calls but only issued about 100 tickets. Now police tell us if you get a citation and don't fix the problem, there will be more tickets to come.

"The type muffler system on there that is very loud, it sets of car alarms, it can actually set off burglar alarms at some local stores. What we're going to do is be writing those people tickets and telling them, we will continue writing you tickets until you get it fixed," Sgt. Patrick Swanton with Waco Police said.

The most common sound citations are 142 dollars, but a too-loud exhaust will cost you around 180 bucks.


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