Possible siren being discussed for security, weather situations at McLennan Community College

POSTED: Monday, May 20, 2013 - 2:01pm
UPDATED: Monday, May 20, 2013 - 10:35pm

With the arrests of two men in the last month for carrying guns on campus, local colleges in Waco are making sure they are properly equipped to handle emergencies, such as active shooter situations and inclement weather.

"There are no firm laws that you can use, other than you've got to protect yourself and protect those that are with you," said Ronald Epps, Workforce Education Management Coordinator for McLennan Community College.

Guns being permitted on college campuses in Texas has been heavily debated in recent months.

"There are probably guns on campus, and we aren't even aware of it," said Epps.

Until a law legally allows students to carry, schools like McLennan Community College are doing all they can to protect students. Recently, MCC adapted a more high tech security program that not only sends out emails and texts.

"If they're using a Powerpoint type presentation, it will pop up on the screen to give them instructions," said Epps.

About a week ago, TSTC officials arrested Jeremiah Weaver for having a knife and stolen gun on campus. Earlier this month, Michael Childs was expelled from MCC when police found a gun in his backpack.

"It was an honest mistake, the best that we can tell from all this," said Epps.

Accident or not, officials are constantly looking for the best security measures.

"We've looked at a siren on campus. The siren would also have to be able to be voice activated so that they can give a voice over, you know, so they can give instructions," said Epps.

All security measures also assist in severe weather situations like the tornadoes in Johnson County last Wednesday. MCC's Board of Directors is set to vote at the end of this month on implementing a siren.



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